Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fotos de un día libre:

I just finished my two week intensive class yesterday. Woop woop. I celebrated by spending some wonderful time outdoors in the 65 degree weather. Feel free to tener celos.

Most people were still wearing boots, pants, coats, but I went out in shorts, a South Alabama tee, and a pair of Aviators. I had a mission to accomplish and it wasn't to look like a Sevillana (though someday, maybe, I will achieve their haughty style).

My mission was simple:
Tomar sol (Sit in the sun)
Escribir muchas cartas (Write a lot of letters)

Here is a sort of menagerie of photos from my free day in Sevilla:

I sat near the river

I watched men fish and row on the river. (This photo is dedicated to my father, fisherman extraordinaire)

I watched Spanish teenagers par-kour on the various obstacles surrounding the river.

I wrote letters to these people. All of whom I miss tremendously.

Although I miss so many things about America and many people there as well, today was grand. It's not over, though. Right now, Consuelo is taking a siesta. We just finished having lunch. I've got to be off to a cafetería to meet some friends. We're planning a trip to Germany. Can anyone say Lutherstadt Wittenberg? I can't wait. It's pretty Catholic in Spain.


  1. AH! Such good photos. I feel like I was there with you today. I love your little vocab links.

  2. That picture of Paella marinera is making me hungry! Writing letters in the sun next to the river sounds like a perfect way to spend an afternoon. I'm going to follow your initiative, go out, and spend a day worth blogging about!!!

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  4. GERMANY!!!! (Insert envy here.) Dearest Liz, your days in Spain appear to me to be glistening with sunlight. I am glad that tu vida is as brilliant on the far side of the ocean as mine is here in the midst of white, white snow...

    (I had to fix a grammatical error, thus the deletion...)