Sunday, February 13, 2011

Córdoba: Where I Met Three Cultures

I realized today that I an album full of wonderful pieces of my day-trip to Córdoba, that I had yet to share with you.

I was extra excited to visit this Andalusian city because I had studied it quite a bit Sophomore year in my Spanish Civilization class. There is a grand Mezquita, or Islamic mosque, left over from the reign of the Arab-African Moors' until the Reconquista of the Catholic Spaniards in 1236. The Spanish altered the building and added an amazing Cathedral as well. It really is an impressive architectural endeavor.

A Muslim Mosque. A Catholic Cathedral. A Jewish Neighborhood.

This is Córdoba:

The Mezquita.
Christianity and Muslim Architecture
The Mihrab of the Mezquita.
The Ceilings are amazing
Cathedral (This is in the same building of the Mezquita).

The Cathedral's altar
Tiny streets, like every Spanish city I've visited.
The Jewish Barrio (Neighborhood).
Jewish Courtyard and Garden.

That was kind of touristy. But oh well, right?

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  1. 'Andalusian' sounds delicious. Oh wait... now I know why. I really like andouille sausages and that name kinda looks like 'Andalusian'. In my high-school Spanish class we had to memorize a poem about Cordoba. I think it was Cordoba el Corazon or somethingcantremembernotsure.