Monday, January 16, 2012

Hace un Año:

One year later and my love for Spain has not faded away. I think there really is something to that well-known Spanish phrase 'Sevilla, No me ha dejado'/ 'Seville, you have no left me.'

Since I am in Nebraska for my last year of college, I can't really just pick up and go back...yet.
But I am continuing to write a new blog to chronicle this vagabond's Midwestern sojourn. It will be more creative writing than this blog has been, but the overall flavor of my writing never really changes despite the genre.

While I've been home in Alaska and Nebraska, I have created a list of different possibilities for future. This list will appeal to any past study abroad student or someone craving adventure.


1.) El Ministerio 
Spain's government offers English Teach Assistantships (ETA) to Americans, who come and teach English in Spanish public schools about 16-20 hours a week for a monthly pay, which is really just a stipend. Applications due in the fall. 1-2 years. My friend, Beth, will be doing this next year! I'll link her blog soon.

2.) The Fulbright
The US Fulbright scholarship program has the same sort of opportunity for Americans to come and work as ETA's and get a stipend. However, this is a little more competitive, a little more prestigious, and a little more clean-cut, as it's through the US and not a the complex bureaucracy of a failing European nation...Applications due in October. 1-2 years. I have several a friend who has applied for this, in Armenia. Praying she'll get it!

3.) International Schools
Teaching (see the theme?) in an English-speaking school for ex-pats and wealthy Spanish kids... A real career path...But here's the catch: two years teaching experience minimum required for a Visa. Future plans?

4.) Become a Travel Writer and/or Dumpster Diver
This one is simple: write about cool stuff and get it published...And when you can't live off of that career path, you get your food from the cans behind the Cien Montaditos on Calle San Jacinto! Still in Spain, right?

This list is written here to spur me onward, and hopefully to get you thinking about opportunities too!

For a bit more meat to end this post,
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