Thursday, January 20, 2011

Managerie of Sevilla

CIEE orientaion:
So much information
So much walking
So much speaking (Unfortunately, I often have to force people in my program to speak Spanish rather than English. I wonder about other students' priorities for this trip...seems like they enjoy "los chupitos" more than anything. More on that later).

Churches (iglesias católicas)
Orange trees (los naranjos)
Beauty (el rio Guadalquivir durante la noche)
Life (El Centro en media del dia)

...Also, they say 'Vale' and a lot.
(Pronounced bah-le more or less. Similar to 'Okay/Okay?'. If you don't know how to respond to something a sevillano has said, then just say 'vale' and you'll be good.)

My Homestay:
Triana. Across the river, with a bridge called "El Puente de Isabel II" (It's not 'Isabel Dos' but 'Isabel Segunod', my senora told me).
Small apartment, ninth floor, building 14.
Small bedroom, tiled floor. (They don't heat their houses very well here, so it's cold all the time. There's a table in the living room that has a space heater under it and a blanket over it, like a table cloth. We sit on the couch, with the blanket on our laps. A little cave of warmth. I wear a lot of layers and hard-soled slippers. Zapatillos.)

My Señora:
Consuelo Bernal Sanchez.
Mid- to late-60's. Catholic. (I'm going to mass - la misa - with her soon!)
Lives alone, besides me. Husband, deceased.
Two sons, Francisco lives in China to study Chinese (The reason she has WiFi - pronounced 'wee-fee' here - to skype with him. Also I rarely can get it to work.)
One daughter.
Many grandchildren. (who I can't wait to meet.)

*New Address*

Antonio Rodriguez Zeppelin 14 9b

41004 Sevilla, Spain

Excursion options:

(I need your help deciding! It is very possible that I am going to be able to plan my own trips to Bilbao and Lisboa with a friend or two during the semester. But for Morocco, it's now or never.)

-Bilbao, España. Art museums, northern Spain, modern meets ancient, France meets Spain.

-Lisbao, Portugal (Lisbon). Spain and it's neighbors. International relations of Spain. Chamber of Commerce of Gibraltar. (

-Morocco, África. (Maruecos) Sevilla's heritage: Bull fighting, Flamenco music/dancing, Islam, Spanish/Moroccan food, Fiestas de España (El feria de Abril y Santa Semana).

What do yall think?

Stay tuned in. Photographs coming soon.


  1. Sitting on a couch with the senora under a blanket! How perfect, this just brings everything into perspective. People can be so pleasant. Ever since I was a little kid I wanted to visit the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao so that would be my choice! But if now is your only chance of visiting Morocco you should take go there.

  2. The coast of Portugal is one of the most lovely places on Earth, but you know who owns a cafe in a certain Moroccan city, Elizabeth...

  3. I vote Morocco. It's not everyday that you get to visit Africa.

  4. Here's the thing-
    I ended up choosing the art interest group.
    Why, you ask?
    I've wanted to go to the Guggenheim in Bilbao for years!! I also really want to see Northern Spain, which is more expensive to travel to from here in comparison to Morocco, surprisingly. I've heard Bilbao is amazing in general from someone who went there last semester.
    The Moroccan trip seemed really cool! I really want to go to Africa and/or a Muslim country sometime! But... not as a tourist solely. I'm afraid that the trip to Morocco would turn into a just an excuse for a bunch of rich American kids to run around markets and buying crap then get drunk all night (which is a lot like what they do in Sevilla, but at least Sevilla is safe and I have a house here where I can seek solitude!).
    I think that if I go to Africa, it has to be with a Mission group. I'm not judging people who go to Morocco- I almost chose it!- but that's what I feel is right for me...