Saturday, January 22, 2011

Haiku of the Day:

Walk across Seville
on the narrow roads of stone
lost, but quite content.

During our walking tour around the city, our guide- a lifetime Sevillana -got lost for a little while trying to find our next location. I think I'm starting to figure out my routes, with the help of a map. We'll see if I'm ever to class on time next week. Intensive grammar begins Monday! There were pre-departure tests to determine levels before we left. Our whole group is considered "advanced", but is split into a lower, medium, and high levels of competency for intensive classes. I tested into the top level of the medium group, which I am really excited about! But I have so much to work on. Consuelo has to repeat herself so much for me to understand her. Class starts Monday. God willing, I'll be able to find it...

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