Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Things: He is risen.

Yesterday, Lucas, Consuelo's granson, was hopping around the house repeating the word "Happy! Happy! Happy! Happy!" almost absentmindedly, in english.

His joy just overcame him. He was at grandma's house. He had just finished watching his friend Woody, in Toy Story on his dad's Ipad. He had a red ball, pelota roja to play with. Consuelo and he were making face at each other from across the room, causing him to squeal loudly, but nobody minded.

He was happy.

(It made me want to go to my grandma's house).

And it also made me think about happy things in my life here, on this Easter Sunday.

Happy Things:

It was sunshiney, finally.

I started the day out well (with coffee).

I saw a paso, in beautiful, sun-rise weather.

I wore a new Easter dress.

Kelly and I went to Church.
Then Kelly got to see the paso too, when it was returning from the Cathedral. It was a little more crowded by that point than when I had been there, two hours earlier.
We went to Church. A Lutheran Church. A Lutheran, Easter Church service in Spanish and in Spain. I saw Church with a capital 'C' because this Body of Believers meets in Hotel San Pablo (Isn't it fitting that the Church meets in a Hotel called St. Paul?). There isn't much money, nor are there many members. But there are some. And there was law. And There was Gospel. Then there was more and more and more Gospel.

We celebrated Easter, the Resurrection. Not just the Passion, which is the focus of the Catholic celebration here. They had chocolate lambs for everyone.

Consuelo's sister, Paqui, visited. She brought us dulces de miel, called flores or flowers, a typical Semana Santa treat. She makes them every year and sells them in a bakery in her pueblo, town.
He is risen. He is risen, indeed. Hallelujah.


  1. Love it all. Lutheranism. Easter celebrations across the sea. Happy, happy, happy!